The Best Cheap Vinyl Flooring Options in Singapore (2)

Vinyl Flooring Texture – Best Vinyl Flooring In Singapore

When it comes to creating a first impression, vinyl flooring texture puts on a good show. The modern-day vinyl flooring texture is simply eye-popping compared to when it first came to existence.

Incorporating grooves and ridges on PVC makes it possible to achieve the textured finish of the real hardwood and stone. What makes the deal even better is you get this at almost half the price of purchasing the original hardwood or ceramic floor.

The first guide to finding what’s best for you is establishing the effect you want to achieve. That is what this review is all about. You’ll get an insight into the vinyl textures and the effects it brings about. So let’s jump right into it.

Flooring Texture Categories

For you to grasp the flooring texture patterns, you have to figure out in which category they fall under. There are basically two categories; printed vinyl and inlay vinyl.

1. Printed Vinyl

As the name suggests, this is the image of any natural hardwood or stone printed directly on the vinyl. The printed vinyl is set to mimic the exact color and pattern of the parent flooring. It is more like an artificial clone of the original hardwood and stone.

2. Inlay Vinyl

The inlaid vinyl incorporates color granules into the vinyl sheet. The color granules go to the depth of the vinyl flooring texture. The in-depth make of the granule comes with its own advantage. Unlike the printed vinyl, when the inlay starts wearing out, it’s color stays put.

Vinyl flooring and Their Textures

1. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

The LVP brings to life the outside woody look at the comfort of your home. It has a very close resemblance to the hardwood, again at a much lower price. Moreover, it has layers that are resistant to wear, water, and stain. That makes it ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors where there are a lot of spills.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

The wear layer protects it from furniture and pet scratches. The LVP makes us of wood grain texture, tree rings, and wire brushing. That makes it feel nothing far from the natural hardwood floor. Additionally, the touch of standard and heavy embossing resemble a hand scraping hardwood technique.

2. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Just like the LVP, this flooring is also a mimic, only that it does so for stone and ceramic tiles. The ply of the LVT provides a great feel underfoot. In relation to its thickness, it acts as a cushion to clatters from your footsteps as you walk around.

It is water-resistant, making it ideal for bathroom floors. The thick layers of the LVT make it resistant to scratches. However, if scratching occurs, you’ll only need to replace the individual scratched tile rather than the whole floor unit.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

The LVT includes chip textures that glitter in dark spaces. It also employs metal flakes that come in a variety of colors like silver and gold. The metal flakes, in particular, gives your floor a total transformation. For those who are into royalty, gold color will make your space look like a palace, especially if your match it well with your interior décor.

Light embossing imitates the pattern seen on the likes of granite and concrete. Standard and heavy embossing on the vinyl emulates the rough textures present in the cleft stone. A good example of such is the slate.

3. Sheet Vinyl Flooring Texture

The sheet vinyl flooring is ideal for large spaces. Its fiberglass backing makes it durable and withstands light levels of scratching. Its water and stain resistance property makes it suitable for any room in the house.

Vinyl Flooring Texture

Maintenance and cleaning procedures for this floor is pocket friendly. However, there is a downside to this type of flooring. If it gets scratched or starts to wear out, you’ll have to replace the entire flooring, unlike the LVT and LVP.

It comes in a wide range of smooth and embossed textures. The vinyl flooring texture has an ample run of grain pattern modeled in its design also.

4. Vinyl Grading For Vinyl Flooring Texture

The wear layers determine the grading level on the vinyl flooring. Understanding the vinyl grading will prove helpful as you scout for one.

Grade 1

Floorings with the thickest layers fall under this grading. These floorings are best suitable for room under frequent use, for example, the living room.

Grade 2

Medium wear layer flooring qualify for this grading level. They are best for standard use rooms like the kitchen.

Grade 3

Thinnest layer floorings have their placing in this grading category. They are best suitable for low traffic rooms like bathrooms and toilets.


That’s all we had for today in the context of vinyl flooring texture. All thanks to the flooring innovations, you can now reap the comfort of hardwood and stone from vinyl flooring texture. The engineering technique of the flooring texture also brings about the durability and versatility attributes to the table.

The backing layers of the flooring keeps your floor intact for quite a long period of time. On the versatility perspective, you get to select from a wide range of exquisite patterns. The ball is on your court now, go get the vinyl flooring texture that is up to your taste!