Types of vinyl flooring in singapore

10+ Types of Vinyl Flooring Found in Singapore – Best In The Market!

In terms of versatility, vinyl flooring leads the way, and none comes anywhere close to it. Its ability to fit anywhere inside the house makes it a top priority for many. Nothing is as stylish, durable, easy to clean and maintain as vinyl flooring- and we haven’t even touched on its affordable pricing. Now, Let’s move forward in Types of Vinyl Flooring Found in Singapore.

It is without saying that some people in Singapore would think of vinyl flooring as old-fashioned and only suitable for retro kitchens.Innovation and technology have, however, brought out the best of it. Nowadays, the collection is wide with improved colors, textures, patterns, clarity, and types. Choosing the right type of vinyl flooring can thus be intimidating.

And that’s why we’ve gone out of our way to bring you a detailed guide of each type. We closely examine the different types of vinyl flooring and how they can be of benefit to you.

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How are the different types of vinyl flooring classified?

Good question! Vinyl flooring is classified into different categories based on:

  1. Their shapes and sizes
  2. Their design
  3. The flooring installation
  4. Their structure

Types of Vinyl Flooring Found in Singapore

We have three types of vinyl flooring under this category: vinyl sheet, vinyl tiles, and vinyl planks.

1. Vinyl sheets

Vinyl sheets come in rolls of six to twelve feet. They are extremely easy to install, a reason that makes it a priority over the other types. Moreover, its pricing is reasonably low. The prices differ based on the grade. Vinyl sheets are ideal for small kitchens and bathrooms. You can choose between loose, padded, and fully vinyl sheets. The difference between the three lies in the level of comfort and installation process.

Vinyl sheets

Padded vinyl floors can be applied to any surface thanks to their glued comfort-layers. Full vinyl floors, on the other hand, are only glued to the edges and ideal for smooth sub-floors. The loose vinyl floors (the best option) are attached all around using adhesive strips. A layer of glass fiber is further added on top of them to reduce its chances of getting damaged.

2. Vinyl (PVC) tiles- Type of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl (PVC) tiles one of a Type of Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles aren’t noble, according to some designers in Singapore. A number of reasons, however, disputes this notion and makes them a practical choice to settle for. For starters, the tiles can easily be replaced or removed without adjusting the entire floor covering. Secondly, they are elegant and resemble upscale marble floors from a distance. Finally, the tiles are durable and should last you long enough.

3. Vinyl planks

Vinyl planks are attractive and highly durable, no doubt about that. The catch, however, is that they are expensive. The planks are way similar to hardwood floors. Installing them is quick and simple but very fragile. Minor damage can prompt you to replace the entire floor.

4. Based on Design

Based on the design, we have two types of vinyl flooring:

5.Inlaid Vinyl Flooring

The color granules of these floors are arranged naturally. Their concept design allows them to be inserted in any environment. Many homeowners in Singapore, however, dislike them for their ‘unappealing look’. For this reason, they are used for bathrooms, kitchen, and outdoor floors. 

6. Printed Vinyl Flooring

This is a simple vinyl floor decorated through human intervention. Prints are added to it to make the floor look like hardwood, marble, or other expensive floorings. It, therefore, becomes a preference for many homeowners in Singapore. 

7.Flooring Installation

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Under the flooring installation, we have four different types of vinyl flooring

8.Lead-free PVC Tile

Their slabs are self-sufficient and extremely heavy. You can move your PVC tiles without any worries.

9.PVC tile to stick

These tiles require you to glue them to the floor.

10.Adhesive PVC Tile

The tile comes with a self-adhesive strip under it. This allows you to install them easily by simply sticking the tiles to the floor.

11.Clip-on PVC Floor Tile

These tiles have unique edges on the slabs which allow for rapid installation without using glue.

12.Their Structure

Last but not least, vinyl flooring is categorized based on the structure. Under this category, we have two types of vinyl flooring; homogeneous and heterogeneous floors.

13.Homogeneous PVC floors

Just as the name suggests, these types of vinyl flooring have the same color right from the top to the bottom. Their long lifespan makes them economical and ideal for industrial places such as schools, libraries, warehouses, supermarkets, and hospitals among other places.

14.Heterogeneous PVC Floors

These floors have a multi-layer structure and are formed by laminating four or five layers to the structure. The advantage of such a structure is that it makes the floor super durable and resistant. It is wear-resistant. The floor is suitable for industrial and commercial spaces as well as housing.


With all the options being good, it becomes difficult to just pick one from the different types of vinyl flooring. The choice to settle for is entirely yours: with factors such as personal preference, budget, and interior design playing major roles.

Regardless of what to settle for, it is important to ensure that you pick a sturdy vinyl type that will endure the test of time. The good thing with vinyl flooring is that its wide collection of colors, formats, and designs guarantees you a style to love. Its ability to be installed easily also allows for a DIY flooring project. Take things into your own hands with little or no assistance.

With vinyl flooring, there is something for everyone!