Pros and Cons of Sheet Vinyl

Pros and Cons of Sheet Vinyl Flooring in Singapore | Which One Is Best

Are you a homeowner in Singapore who is looking to renew your home flooring? With a sea of products in the market, you might be lost of options. Similar to purchasing any other product, you have to familiarize yourself with the flooring that you want to buy/ know its applications, pros, and cons before making the final decision. Let’s Move on to Pros and Cons of Sheet Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

Sheet vinyl flooring is one option that stands out from the rest in Singapore. Its glamorous and sumptuous appearance is only the tip of the iceberg of its advantages. A lot more is in store for you with this flooring.

Our article today looks at the pros and cons of sheet vinyl flooring. Is it worth the purchase? We find out.

Pros of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Water resistance

One of the biggest advantages of sheet vinyl flooring is its water-resistance property. The flooring is made of waterproof materials like PVC, which makes it ideal for damp and water prone areas around the house.

There is no room in the house where the flooring cannot be installed. Its performance in the bathroom, basement, laundry room, and kitchen has surpassed the expectations of homeowners in Singapore.


Sheet vinyl flooring has a softer underfoot than other materials, making it comfortable to stand on it for prolonged periods. Its touch is also warmer when compared to stone tiles and ceramics. This is a huge play in the kitchen.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons

You can now spend more hours prepping for your food without getting tired and fatigue. If you’re in search of comfort, only a few flooring options can match the levels of this flooring.


The pricing of flooring is a factor everyone considers before making the purchase. Good news- sheet vinyl flooring will not cause any dents to your pocket. It is cheaper than tiles and planks of similar patterns and colors.

This is one of the reasons why sheet vinyl flooring is easily produced in huge rolls without worrying about waste and cuts. The pricing will, however, differ based on the quality. Purchasing the flooring from reliable brands might be a little more costly, but totally worth it.

Ease of Installation

Installing sheet vinyl flooring is a DIY affair. Although you’ll need to be precise with the measurements and cuts, the process isn’t a difficult one. If you are experienced in the DIY field, you might as well take matters into your own hands and install the flooring yourself.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons

If you are an amateur, there is no harm in calling for professional assistance. It’s always safer to take precaution.

Numerous Design Options

Most of us only think of the old, retro style kitchen when talking of sheet vinyl flooring. This is no longer the case. Advancement in the field and innovative technology has seen the evolvement of other collections with improved texture, clarity, patterns, and color.

Sheet vinyl flooring is now competitive, stylish and more durable!

Stain resistance

Similar to its water resistance, sheet vinyl flooring is also stain resistant. Tiles of the flooring incorporate a wear layer which acts as a surface barrier and protects the flooring from spills and stains. Nonetheless, in the case of spilling on the floor, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Numerous flooring materials lack this clear wear layer, which makes them prone and susceptible to stains. They, thus, require occasional polishing and stripping.

Cons of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Difficulties in Repairing

We will have to deduct a point from sheet vinyl flooring when it comes to its repair. The flooring is delicate. If it gets severely damaged with stains, gouges, or scratches, you’ll have no other option other than to replace the entire flooring. You can also opt to fill the damaged part with a patch, but the difference will be easily visible.

The patch will disrupt the pattern and color of the flooring. Replacing the entire flooring comes with additional costs.


Even though the clear wear layer of the flooring protects it from spills and stains, the flooring is still prone to discoloration. This is especially when it comes into contact with the rubber. Low-quality sheet vinyl flooring tends to turn yellowish with time.

This is why it’s important to buy high-quality flooring from trusted brands.


With all the pros that sheet vinyl flooring comes with, it is difficult not to see the excellent features that it brings to the table. Many people in Singapore have turned to use flooring in their homes, business centers, and industrial uses too.

The flooring, on top of being affordable, is also easy to install. These two features are probably the main cause of its popularity. If you are in Singapore and are in search of an affordable yet outstanding flooring option for your house or office space, guess what you should go for? That’s right, sheet vinyl flooring.