Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

LG Vinyl Flooring in Singapore – Vinyl Tiles in Singapore

There’s a new kid in the block- LG Vinyl Flooring. Yes, that’s right- LG. We’re sure you never imagined that LG was dealing with flooring. You are used to the name popping up alongside electronics and home appliances, but never once imagined flooring. On the contrary, over the last seven decades that LG has been in existence, it has been designing super stylish and adorable vinyl flooring. Let’s move towards details of LG Vinyl Flooring in Singapore.

LG has built its reputation and is known for manufacturing exceptional products. It is among the big wigs in the electronic, telephone, laundry and toothpaste fields. The same result is also reciprocated in vinyl flooring. From a brand with decades of years’ experience in the industry, expect nothing short of excellence from them.

Let’s Take Look on LG Vinyl Flooring Products

Three products that showcase the brand’s expertise in making vinyl flooring are Deco tile 30, Deco tile 55, and Deco click. These vinyl floorings are available in eight stylish stone effects and 22 realistic wood finishes across all Singapore. Don’t be fooled by the products’ delicate look- they are tough contenders and are giving other brands a run for their money.

LG merged creativity and true craftsmanship to bring out versatile, attractive and durable flooring. Settling for durable, fresh and natural flooring is every Singapore homeowners’ dreams. That’s why there is no better brand than LG.

Where is LG Vinyl Flooring Applicable?

Deco tile 30 and Deco click are perfect for domestic environments and light contract. Their juxtaposed appearances make them equally good for traditional settings and modern Singapore homes. Both floorings come with a 7-year warranty, so you can purchase with the assurance that you’ll not be visiting a flooring store any time soon.

LG Vinyl Flooring Products

The older cousin, Decotile 55, is tougher and more durable. It comes with a whopping 10-year warranty. The flooring is a beast, designed to handle all abuse and challenge that comes along its way. It is able to withstand all the demands of a heavy contract environment. With this, it becomes compatible with commercial and industrial uses where the upkeep demands are low. If you’re a residential or commercial customer in Singapore, only a few flooring options can compete with Decotile 55.

What Decotile 55 brings to the table is longevity, fire resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance. Installing it is also simple, a DIY affair. If you’re, however, not familiar with the process, there is no harm in seeking professional assistance.

Benefits of LG Vinyl Flooring

Thousands if not hundreds of Singapore homeowners have turned to using LG Vinyl Flooring. It is difficult to overlook the benefits that the flooring comes with. Here are a few of them

Water Resistance

LG Vinyl flooring products are completely water-resistant, with no warping or swelling. This makes them ideal for home use in any room, whether the kitchen or dining. Its ease of maintenance and cleaning makes it a favorite for the kitchen. Your house could not be any cleaner!


LG Vinyl flooring products are designed using advanced technologies which makes them energy efficient. The resultant products are meant to enhance the quality of your life. All LG vinyl flooring products are certified by DIBt and FloorScore, meaning that their use is safe.

The products are free from all heavy metals and harmful plasticizers.


One great thing with LG is that they are a considerate brand. Their products (the flooring included) are easy to maintain, hygienic, and above all, affordable. Their flooring products, for example, come with PUR surface treatments to minimize dirt adhesion in your floor. Cleaning becomes easier and faster

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch really with LG Vinyl Flooring. The only notable thing is that their prices are a bit higher than other products. But this is what to expect from all the investment they have put in their product. Besides, we don’t see any harm in spending a few more bucks for quality. Remember, cheap is expensive!

Caution is to be exercised when dealing with the flooring. Vinyl can prove to be delicate. Severe damage caused to the flooring due to scratching and spilling will force you to replace the entire flooring. You have the option of patching the damaged area. The problem with this option is that the patterns and color don’t always blend perfectly. So, the dent will be easily visible.

That said,the best option of dealing with this is to replace the entire flooring. As you probably know, this can be quite costly.

Other than these two, there aren’t any issues with LG vinyl flooring.


Isn’t it great that LG is dealing in flooring? What more could we have asked for? With the evolvement in the flooring industry, LG vinyl products seem to get better with time. The company incorporates technology to enhance the performances of their flooring.

If you are in Singapore, join thousands of other households in enjoying the benefits accrued by LG Vinyl Flooring.

LG, Life’s Good!