Is Vinyl Flooring Kitchen In Singapore A Good Idea_

Is Vinyl Flooring Kitchen In Singapore A Good Idea?

Vinyl tiles and sheets are great flooring choices for kitchens thanks to their resilience and waterproof properties. Moreover, vinyl is known to be durable, stain, and water-resistant, and easy to maintain. These functionalities combined with the material’s textural techniques and advanced print makes it the number one choice for households in Singapore. So Let’s See Is Vinyl Flooring Kitchen In Singapore A Good Idea?

But is vinyl flooring kitchen idea in Singapore a good idea? Today, we take a look at both sides and try to come up with a conclusion based on facts.

Reasons Supporting Vinyl Flooring Kitchen


The number one factor to consider when choosing to floor for your kitchen is its ability to hold water. Vinyl flooring luckily passes this test. Its ability to prevent penetration of liquids through it is commendable. With the different types of vinyl, however, the result is different.

Is Vinyl Flooring Kitchen In Singapore A Good Idea?

Vinyl tiles have a breaking point when exposed to water periodically for long periods. Weak points will begin to be noticed between the seams, which will require sealing. The sealing isn’t a permanent solution, as it also begins to wear down with time.

Vinyl sheet, on the other hand, has a single covering over the entire surface. There are no weak points with it, no matter how long you expose it to water. This makes it the perfect choice for your kitchen.


You will be standing in your kitchen for long hours as you prep your food. Standing on hard floors for long periods can cause fatigue and pain to the feet. Vinyl provides users with the option of placing padding sheets beneath the surface to soften the floor. Thick padding will soften the floor, although it comes with an expensive price tag.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Expect lots of splashes and spills of various liquids and foodstuffs in the kitchen. This is normal, especially in you have kids. Cleaning and maintenance thereby become a norm with the flooring. although cleaning with vinyl will be regular, it is quite simple.

Mopping should be done with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Rinse with clean water properly to remove all soap residues that may be left behind.


We won’t give an exact figure for how much a square foot of vinyl flooring goes for, as the price ranges between stores in Singapore.  One thing is, however, for sure: vinyl flooring is immensely cheap on the budget. To even consider matching it to wood flooring is a disaster.

Vinyl flooring disputes the notion that you can’t get highly efficient flooring at an affordable price.

Dropping objects

Is Vinyl Flooring Kitchen In Singapore A Good Idea?

As earlier mentioned, you should expect spills and splashes in the kitchen. The same is also true with solid foods and kitchen tools. Given that vinyl flooring is soft, accidents are less likely to occur, especially if the object is brittle. It, thereby, becomes safer to use vinyl flooring kitchen in your household.

Concerns with Vinyl Flooring Kitchen

Here are some points against the use of vinyl flooring kitchen.

Restrictions to Cleaning

There are a number of restrictions when it comes to cleaning vinyl flooring. For starters, you are not supposed to use abrasive cleaners, strong detergents, or bleach with it. Also, scouring pads are not advisable as they can scratch the material.

The kitchen is prone to lots of stains, for obvious reasons, and these limitations make cleaning it a hassle. This is one of the biggest reasons against vinyl flooring kitchen.

Dirt and Oil

Dirt and oils are easily visible with vinyl flooring. Since the kitchen is messy, oils and dirt tend to build up easily. Most of the time, you will notice grimy yellowish films on vinyl flooring. this, however, isn’t a biggie and can be solved through regular cleaning.

Discoloration of the Flooring

Vinyl is known to have chemical reactions. In the kitchen, this normally happens when your rubber mat is on the floor for a long period. The rubber reacts with the flooring leading to discoloration of the flooring- a sight that you don’t want to see.


Other than the few cons of vinyl flooring kitchen given above, we couldn’t find others that could strongly build their cases. Moreover, the reasons against vinyl flooring kitchen provided above are a result of clumsiness and carelessness. If much caution is taken in the kitchen, no major problems should be experienced.

The reasons for vinyl flooring kitchen, on the other hand, have built a strong case for the material. The pros of vinyl are making huge strides in Singapore. Its affordability, ease of maintenance, and comfort are a big thumbs-up for its use.

The appealing appearance and ease of maintaining vinyl flooring make it a great choice for use in the kitchen. That’s why many household owners prefer it. Join thousands of other household owners in Singapore in reaping the full benefits of Vinyl flooring kitchen.