High-End Resilient Flooring (HERF) in Singapore

High-End Resilient Flooring (HERF) Vinyl Flooring in Singapore – Get The Best In Class

With the rapid innovation of technology, the flooring industry is also developing and diversifying. In Singapore, there are numerous flooring options to suit the needs and lifestyle of every homeowner. With an array of options in the market, however, choosing the right flooring floor becomes an intimidating task. Let’s move on to more info about HERF vinyl flooring in Singapore

Three flooring options stand tall above the rest: vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and the High-End Resilient Flooring (HERF) flooring. The three types are normally mistaken for one another, with only a few people knowing how to differentiate the three.

Today, we’ll specify in the HERF Vinyl flooring. What is it, and how good is its performance! We unveil all these.

Specifications of HERF Vinyl Flooring

HERF vinyl flooring is the most sophisticated and advanced form of flooring in its family due to its high specifications. A family consisting of rubberized flooring, linoleum, and conventional vinyl flooring. A bigger reason for HERF’s popularity is its ability to mimic real wooden textures and designs. Singapore homeowners are known to fall in love with flooring that is stylish, sleek, safe to use, and easy to maintain.

Did we mention that HERF is waterproof? Yes, that’s right. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, and garage without fear of damage. Moreover, its maintenance is way low when compared to wood. Differences between Vinyl Flooring and HERF

1. Colors and Designs

HERF flooring in Singapore

The traditional vinyl flooring comes in a limited number of colors and designs. This is because they are less functional in households but more in industrial and commercial spaces like factories and hospitals. High-End Resilient Flooring comes in a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. And this is both for domestic and commercial purposes.

Many people in Singapore love bright and vibrant colors. If you are in the category, HERF will work perfectly for you. But remember, different rooms could require different color designs. For instance, a bright flooring color will be suitable for the living room but not the bedroom.

2. Use of Glue

The glue approach is yet another difference between vinyl flooring and HERF. Vinyl flooring uses the glue-down approach. You will require the assistance of flooring adhesives to install the floors. The downside with this technique is that it is pretty messy, not to mention non-environmental friendly.

No glue is required when installing High-End Resilient Flooring. It incorporates the ‘click and install’ installation system. The technique is environmentally friendly and leaves no mess behind.

3. Installation Process

When installing vinyl, you first need to level the ground surface. Having the ground uneven makes the floor to be unbalanced. This is different from HERF. You don’t require any ‘balancing’ with High-End Resilient Flooring. Its ‘rubber-like’ feature allows it to be installed directly on uneven grounds.

We don’t dispute vinyl as being easy to install. But options like luxury vinyl flooring are delicate. One wrong move and you will be forced to begin the entire process again. It would be wiser to call in professional assistance.

HERF, similar to vinyl, is a Do-It-Yourself affair. The only difference with it is that you don’t necessarily have to be uptight with it, although accuracy and precision in measurements are required. Moreover, the fact that glue isn’t required makes uninstalling it easy.

4. Appearance

The traditional vinyl flooring looks very plastic. You can easily tell it off. It doesn’t possess a tough wooden look and feel. High-End Resilient Flooring, on the other hand, mimics real wood perfectly- from its appearance to texture. Differentiating HERF from wood, at first sight, would be very difficult.

With the advancement in the flooring industry, vinyl has risen to the occasion and comes with numerous colors, designs, and styles also. Both vinyl and HERF have lots of styles and designs to choose from. Moreover, both of them are equally appealing. In terms of appearance, the choice is on a personal level.


In modern times, it is typical for all homeowners in Singapore to look for flooring that will meet their interior design demands. With hundreds of options in the market, you might be lost of options on what to settle for.

From the argument given above, it is difficult to dispute HERF as a high-quality option. It is affordable, easy to install, and looks good too. Not many flooring comes with all these packages in one. Vinyl is a great option too, but HERF edges out on it slightly.

Moreover, whichever option you decide to go for, whether vinyl or HERF, ensure that it meets all your demands. If you have kids and pets around, the flooring should be spill and scratch-resistant. Also, consider the climatic condition of your home in Singapore before making a decision.