HDB Flooring in Singapore

HDB Vinyl Flooring in Singapore – Cost and Everything You Need To Know

Preparing your home is one of the biggest projects of life that you can ever work on. Don’t think of your home as an asset, but rather a lifelong commitment. The fantasy of a perfect home can only be brought into reality by perfect interior design. Turn your Housing Development Board (HDB) unit in Singapore into the paradise that you’ve always wished for.

Flooring is the most important part of your interior design. It has the capability of perfecting your design. For instance, a wrong choice in color will not match with the wall paint. The wrong flooring material will deteriorate with time and make everyone uncomfortable. That is why the flooring is the centerpiece of your interior design.

Know About HDB Vinyl Flooring In Singapore


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing and designing the flooring for your space is the contextual analysis. What this means in lay man’s language is ensuring that the pattern, size, and color of the flooring matches its purpose. You want to settle for flooring that will capture the attention of anyone who enters your home.

The flooring that you decide to settle for plays a huge role in determining the overall quality and visual of your interior.

Fragile Materials

How technical the HDB Vinyl Flooring material is should be a top consideration when making your decision. If you are in a house with kids and pets, then you definitely need to go with tough and durable material, one that can take a lot of abuse. Also, you have to put into consideration damp rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, garage, and basement. 

HDB Flooring In Singapore

Exposing a delicate flooring material to water can turn out to be catastrophic. Some of the materials are normally beautiful and appealing but fragile. Small damage to them might prompt you to renovate the entire flooring.

The technicality of your flooring thus becomes an important factor to consider.

Things to Consider when Choosing your HDB Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

Budget For HDB Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

How much have you set aside for your flooring? Your budget plays an important role in deciding on the type of HDB flooring to settle for.  When renovating or designing your home, you will be short of cash- most of the time. There is normally a lot to do with little resources. Most of us, thus, go for cheaper alternatives to HDB flooring.

However, HDB flooring is an investment. It doesn’t hurt to spend more on quality. Cheap is expensive, and you’ll end up spending even more on renovations. This isn’t to mean that you can’t find high-quality, HDB vinyl flooring materials at affordable pricing. Vinyl is a good example- beautiful, efficient, high quality yet affordable!

Suitable material

The material for your HDB flooring is also very critical to your home’s experience. While Singapore is rich in the type of materials to use for your flooring, the final decision depends on your needs. If you want your flooring to be pet-friendly, then you will ignore materials such as granites or marbles. They are susceptible to scratches.

If you have kids around, then going foe marble or ceramic tiling might not be the best option. These materials are not stain-resistant and would be catastrophic around kids. The type of material should also lie with Singapore’s climatic demands. The humid condition will not favor wood HDB flooring.

These are just a few examples of what to consider before deciding on the perfect material. One material that stands out from the rest is vinyl. It seems to be favorable to all conditions: kids, weather, and pets.


Picking the right design of your flooring is one important aspect. It needs to match the purpose and size of each room. Some houses in Singapore will have different flooring in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. This is because each room has its purpose and ignites a different kind of feeling.

The furniture layout will dictate the type of flooring to use in the living room, while the kitchen cabinets dictate the type of flooring in the kitchen.


Finding the right design for your HDB vinyl flooring shouldn’t be a difficult task. You only need to put all important factors into consideration before making a decision. One material that stands out from the rest is vinyl. Whether you are in a humid or temperate climate, vinyl works best. Also, it is stain resistant and thus great for kids.

Vinyl is waterproof and will work perfectly for damp areas in the room. It is scratch-resistant and works perfectly with pets. Its pricing is also affordable and will be ideal even if you are tight on budget.

In short, vinyl is designed versatile to survive under almost all conditions. Tell us an option better than vinyl, and we’ll wait.