hardwood FLOORING


Durability is the key to this hardwood, with a lifespan of of 16 years it is certainly one of the most durable wood tested.  Balau is also named as the cost effective alternative to Teak wood given the similarity in terms of the appearance.

Burma Teak

Without a doubt, Teak is widely considered as one of the hardwood with the highest quality. Known to be a long lasting material, it is the type of wood that made to last for decades. 



Chengal is one of the very popular decking materials its hardy and durable qualities. It has a high tolerance for termites which bring this hardwood a very suitable options for outdoor usage amongst all the other options.


Oak wood is another solid hardwood with good weight quality. Its aesthetics is definitely the strong point to this natural wood. Is a good choice of hardwood for those seeking beautiful wood grains surfaces to their homes. 


Being rich in tone and color. Walnut certainly is the more premium choice for any hardwood flooring. It has a fine wood texture and would be a standout materials for any spaces. 

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