Features and Specifications of Grey Vinyl Flooring

Features and Specifications of Grey Vinyl Flooring – All You Need To Know

The Grey Vinyl flooring is an excellent pick if you find yourself torn for the perfect color for your space.  Most homeowners settle for the grey vinyl because it blends in with most of their interior décor; be it the living room, bathroom, or kitchen. The sheer vibrancy of the flooring’s outlook doesn’t cease to amaze. Let’s move Further with Features and Specifications of Grey Vinyl Flooring

Grey vinyl flooring tags along with a massive resemblance to the original wood plank. You’ll have to be very keen before differentiating the two. It also mimics ceramic, porcelain, and granite flooring. Aside from the impressive looks, the flooring has a lot to offer in terms of comfortability, design, and installation.

What are some of the outstanding features of the grey vinyl flooring? Let’s jump right into its features and specifications.

Features and Specifications of Grey Vinyl Flooring


The first and obvious feature that meets the eye is definitely the grey color of the flooring, thus its name. The grey vinyl flooring design is engineered with four layers that contribute to its thickness.

The peak layer consisting of aluminum oxide provides cushioning for the floor. Scratches are bound to be created when moving furniture around. Well, to cover the scratch marks, you will require the use of a polish. However, the polish is likely not to blend fully with the original grey color of the flooring.

Features and Specifications of Grey Vinyl Flooring

The immediate layer is similar to the peak layer and acts as a secondary reinforcement. Its purpose is to prevent advanced level tearing and ripping off the floor. This normally occurs when moving furniture or sharp objects fall on the floor. The peak and immediate layers provide the flooring with a firm and impenetrable surface.

The third layer, also known as the design layer, is the reason behind the flooring’s resemblance to wood. It is the decorative layer. Finally, at the bottom,we have the final layer- rigid vinyl. This layer contributes majorly to the overall thickness of the flooring.

Comfort and Durability

The first two layers sell the durability idea brought forward by the floor. The resilient nature to counter scratches and heavy ripping explains why it is a top choice floor. As far as comfort goes, the thick vinyl layer and the floor, in general, have everything to thank for.

The feel below your feet as you walk on it is simply heavenly. The thickness keeps your feet far off from feeling even a bump on the underlayment. To top it up, the floor saves you from irritating clatters as you walk around. From its cushioning ability, it absorbs the noise from your footsteps and keeps your movement silent.


The installation process for the grey vinyl flooring is not a hard nut to crack. Most vinyl floors feature the DIY installation that saves you from employing expertise or advanced tools. Normally if you are working in a single room, it will take you less than five hours to get the job done.

However, it should be noted that the installation process is not the same for all vinyl floor types. Based on that, we’ll see how to install each of the three types of vinyl floors.

Grey Sheet Vinyl Floor

The first step of installing the sheet vinyl is laying it down on the room’s underlayment. From that, you get to figure the parts on the edges that you need to trim out to fit the room. You have to be accurate with your measurements and cutting out process to get it right. If you are not good at that, don’t hesitate from seeking professional aid or guidance.

Once you are done with the cutting out and ascertaining that it fits the room, you can now glue it down to the underlayment. The best adhesive for the job is the troweled-on adhesive.

Grey Vinyl Tiles

Unlike the sheet vinyl, the tiles are way simpler to install. All you need is your good pair of hands and the troweled-on adhesive. You glue down the tiles individually.

Grey Luxury Vinyl Planks or Tiles

The installation process for this type of floor receives a boost from the click-lock system. The edges and ends of the planks snap in together one by one, and then the whole unit lies over the underlayment.  The flooring doesn’t require an adhesive to hold in place.

Other outstanding features of the grey vinyl flooring are its water and stain resistance properties; two attributes that make the flooring suitable for kitchen and bathroom floors. The stain resistance property makes cleaning easy.  All you need is a damp mop and a little detergent, and you are good to go!

In terms of maintenance, the flooring is pocket friendly.   Additional costs of buying polish and vanish are foreign with the grey vinyl flooring. It disputes the notion that you can’t get an exceptional flooring product at affordable prices.


We were sure to stay true to our words and provide you with all the vital and basic details about grey vinyl flooring. If you are thinking of decorating your floor with this flooring, nothing should stop you. Go for it! Join thousands of other homeowners in enjoying the benefits associated with grey vinyl flooring.

The flooring comes as a cheaper and more accessible alternative to hardwood. Well, of course, it doesn’t give the hardwood flooring a run for its money. But better half a loaf than none, right?