Designer Vinyl Flooring Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen in Singapore

Designer Vinyl Flooring Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen in Singapore

Are you in Singapore and are thinking of renovating your kitchen? If yes, then probably you have already started some research: checking out different websites, comparing different designer vinyl flooring, getting inspiration from magazines, and having conversations with your friend about the new makeover. All this is normal and highly recommended. You cannot renovate your entire kitchen flooring blindly.

When deciding on the designer vinyl flooring, you have to decide on the layout, fixtures, color tones, and much more. All these can be a little bit too much. That’s why you need professional assistance to get you through all this. And that’s why we’re here.

We will provide you with all the designer vinyl flooring tips for renovating your kitchen. Settle for nothing short of excellence.

What are some of the considerations for your designer vinyl flooring?

Designer Vinyl Flooring Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

Designer Vinyl Flooring Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen in Singapore

Water Resistance

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of flooring for the kitchen is water resistance. Not all flooring is suitable for your kitchen, for obvious reasons- water. The kitchen is prone to water, from washing dishes to cleaning and cooking. You will be handling water most of the time.

With this, it becomes very important for your designer vinyl flooring to be water-resistant. The flooring should have the ability to prevent any penetration of moisture. Flooring that is not water-resistant tends to change color with time. It will turn yellowish, signifying that it needs replacement.

To avoid any unnecessary costs for regular renovations, go for water-resistant flooring for your designer kitchen flooring.

Stain Resistance

Similar to water resistance, your kitchen flooring should also be stain resistant. With food and utensils falling to the ground every now and then, the flooring should be ready to take one hell of a beating. Your flooring should be stain resistant. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.

With a stain-resistant floor, you don’t have to use lots of effort while cleaning. It makes the work easier and faster.


Comfort is a factor that many people overlook when choosing their kitchen flooring. Remember, you’ll be spending hours standing when prepping your food and washing dishes. You don’t want a floor that will hurt your feet, do you? Well, you need to go for flooring that is soft and comfortable to stand on.

Most of the flooring trade durability for comfort. Its either you go for a durable floor and sacrifice on the comfort or vice versa. Luxury vinyl flooring, however, seems to stand out from the rest and comes with both two in one package.

We don’t need to assure you any more than that the luxury vinyl flooring might be the best option for your kitchen.

Style and Aesthetics

Obviously, on top of all the above-mentioned features, you want something beautiful that stands out from the rest. You want a flooring that will be the centerpiece of the room- flooring that will match with the wall paint and color of the cabinets. If this is the case, then you must invest proper time in good research. There is no short cut.

Designer Vinyl Flooring Tips

The good news is that the market nowadays is full of options. There are hundreds if not thousands of designer vinyl flooring in Singapore to choose from. We are more than confident that you will easily land something that will steal your heart.


It is common knowledge that kitchen flooring should be durable- no compromise! Once you install the flooring, you should close the renovation story for another decade, at least. Highly durable flooring does not only save you the cost of renovating but also the worry. Live your life knowing that you won’t be renovating your flooring any time soon.

The durability of your designer vinyl flooring should not apply to the kitchen only but also the rest of the house. You’d rather spend more cash on quality than settle for cheap, low-quality flooring.

Seek Professional Designer Vinyl Flooring Assistance

There is never harm in seeking professional assistance. If you feel like the whole process is overwhelming, the wisest step to take would be to talk to a pro. Find someone who knows the in and out of flooring. They will take you through the entire process and advise on the best measures. Moreso, they will assist you in installing your flooring. It couldn’t get better than this!

Designer Vinyl Flooring Tips in Singapore

Singapore has some of the best designer vinyl flooring experts. People who have decades of experience in the industry.


Renovating your kitchen in Singapore once in a blue moon is healthy. Give yourself the gift of being in a new environment. The entire process might seem intimidating at first, but when everything is broken into smaller steps, everything becomes easy.

Designer vinyl flooring brings a new feeling to the room. Its vibrancy and beauty are phenomenal. Trust on designer vinyl flooring to have your kitchen as pretty as ever!